Why Work with a Defense Attorney Over a Public Defender?

Why Work with a Defense Attorney Over a Public Defender?

The right to counsel is enshrined in the constitution. Anyone who is accused of a crime should be able to get the assistance of a criminal attorney for his defense. Individuals may choose their own private lawyer, or get the services of an appointed counsel. The latter is usually chosen if the defendant cannot afford to pay for legal defense. The government will shoulder the cost of providing a public defender.

This seems like an excellent choice on paper. There will be no hefty legal fees, and everything else will be taken care of by the system. In reality, it will be more prudent to choose a private counsel. Why work with a defense attorney over a public defender?

Greater Focus, Thanks to a Smaller Case Load

Public defenders do everything they can for their clients but it is not easy when they have so many cases to work on. The system is perennially underfunded and understaffed. There are too few lawyers to share the massive case load. They cannot focus well on each of them. There are efforts to fix the system but right now things are still looking bleak. On the other hand, defense attorneys take on far fewer cases which enable them to focus on every single one of them. Clients will feel that they are in good hands. All of their questions will be answered and their needs will be addressed.

Better Resources, Resulting in Improved Case Handling

The lack of funds severely limit the ability of public defenders to serve their clients. They can’t do much when trying to investigate the case. Resourcefulness can only go so far. They also have very limited time to devote on each for preparations. This is where defense attorneys truly shine ( criminal defense lawyer ). They can mount a strong legal defense for their clients because they can pay for expert witnesses, investigators, private laboratories, and other helpful resources.

Higher Incentive for Acquittal

Another thing to consider is that public defenders will be assigned cases no matter what their performance is. There are simply too few of them that the system cannot afford to be selective. The pay is not high enough to attract the most promising talents. Meanwhile, defense attorneys are highly conscious of their performance. They will do everything in their power to get a positive result for their clients since their record is crucial in this business. Their reputation depends on it.

The biggest hurdle in hiring a defense attorney is the cost of the legal fees. If you can find a way to overcome this, then it is clearly the better option.

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