What Is The Difference Between Vinyl Murals And Transfer Murals?

When you look at murals online,it is hard to discern the difference between different types of murals. A picture of a vinyl mural or even a wallpaper (vinyl or otherwise) can look very similar to a rub on transfer mural. What is the difference,you ask. What will it look like in my home? Does it matter?

Vinyl murals can be fabulous. There are plenty of them out there. Often they are repositionable,but only the static cling murals are EASY to reposition. They are great in a kids room,but they are stickers,with edges and a sheen and may not last very long if your child likes to stick and re-stick. That may be exactly what you are looking for,a temporary fun way to decorate your walls. Vinyl murals can come in solid colors and simple shapes like circles or colorful patterns. Some are printed,full color,realistic designs. I ordered many vinyl murals when we were deciding on what material to use for our line of murals. The static cling were a cinch to put up. They are usually simple shapes. The regular vinyl murals were a bit harder to get bubble free. They are similar to vinyl wall quotes. Removal? Simply peel off. Pretty easy. You may need to repaint if the mural is up for a long time and your paint fades,but they are not usually up that long in a child’s room!

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Now what about transfer murals? What are they? Transfer murals are simply printed layers of non-toxic ink and a thin just tacky adhesive on the side that goes on your wall. There is no vinyl involved. There is nothing they are printedon,except the transfer sheet,which separates from the mural when you rub it on your wall. The mural is just like thin layers of paint that you burnish (rub) off the transfer sheet,almost like a tattoo for your wall. You never need to remove transfer murals because they are as thin as a coat of paint. Simply paint over them!

Transfer murals are a great product. They capture every brush stroke in amazing detail and in in certain areas,shadows can be made translucent,so your wall color mixes with the gray shadow to create the illusion that this was painted directly on your wall. This is only done in areas where translucency adds to the effect of blending into your wall. Add that quality to the thin as paint,tattoo-like integration into your wall surface and you can start to see why in many applications you would want to use a transfer mural. When applied to uneven or even textured walls this thin product presses right into the grooves and again looks like it was painted there!

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In addition,transfer murals are easy to work with. They burnish onto your wall by rubbing the mural off the transfer paper. Removal? Though they don’t just peel off,special thin non-bleeding,non-toxic inks are used so that the murals can be painted over,just like you would paint over a custom mural. For display/photography purposes,we have painted and reapplied murals and they simply disappear under a coat of paint. With vinyl wallpaper you need to remove and wash off the wallpaper paste; not so with mural transfers.

What are the other virtues of mural transfer? Ah,one of the best qualities is that you can layer and even cut designs. A sheet of ivy can be made into a wreath or cascade around a door frame. This gives you some design flexibility,so your design can be unique to YOUR home! Without a drop of messy paint,you can create a custom look.

Mural transfers have a more sophisticated quality and can thus be used in the main areas of your home,not just in kids room! They are semi-matte,with no edge AT ALL. People will really think you hired an artist to paint directly on your wall. They will run their hand over them to see if they can feel a difference. They will think it’s amazing.

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Transfer murals are a great product to try,but vinyl has some great qualities too. They are similar in price and both are much less expensive than a custom mural!It is worth it to try these murals. You will be amazed at what new printing technology can bring you in mural design. Murals,transfer or vinyl,are an affordable and incredibly fun and rewarding way to decorate your walls and bring unique style to your home.

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