Which Jobs Are Best For the Female Brain During Her Natural Life and Relationship Cycles?

It has often been said that male and female members of the human species think quite differently. Those of us who are males would agree with that when it comes to males, and females – men are quite different in their thinking from women. Thus, we get books like “Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus,” to give us a little comic relief in human relationships, and try to put things back into perspective. Nevertheless, it is been said by at least one famous ancient philosopher that:

Society does best when each individual does what they are best at, and is alleviated from those mundane tasks they don’t do well.” [Plato].

So with this known, which jobs might be best suited for the female brain after her childbearing years? And which types of jobs might be best for the female brain during periods of transition between single life, dating life, married life, and motherhood? Obviously these are such radical changes that they will affect the way the brain works, thinks, and the emotional component. Not long ago, I was talking with a psychologist about this and so I asked these questions;

Have you identified which tasks, career paths, jobs, etc., that the woman brain in various stages of life, makes them a natural to excel at? It seems that based on what you are saying it DOES matter, and would give them the edge. For instance, a single woman might make a much better “home stager” or “interior decorator” or someone who might create a revolutionary breakthrough in her area of science, business, etc. Have you studied empirical data that would confirm this theory, or touch on this?

It turns out that even though they were a specialist in the female brain during the various Relationship Cycles, and had even written a couple of books on the topic, given speeches, and written numerous articles, they hadn’t really considered the application of such knowledge in the work force. Now then, I would submit to you that someone who has been a mother for 10 to 15 years raising a family and children into adulthood might be a most excellent human resource director.

Indeed, I would also submit to you that a woman in her prime dating periods of life might be a most excellent sales person, marketing executive, or even branding expert. Perhaps this is something that you have considered, and if so you probably have your own opinion about this topic, and might even be to add more to it. There hasn’t been is much research on this topic as I would expect there to be, although there are quite a few well-known papers surrounding the subject. Think on it.

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